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Senin, 05 Januari 2009

Internet High Speed - Calbe Versus DSL

Introduction to Cable and DSL
If you're looking for life in the fast lane, and are interested in delving into the world of high-speed internet access for your home or office, there are two main contenders:

1. DSL
2. Cable

The services are similar in that they'll offer you super-fast Web surfing; at least three times as fast as dial-up. They'll also allow you to download files, stream video or send sizable emails multiple times faster than dial-up. So, you can finally send those pictures of your kiddies to mom and dad.

Differences Between Cable and DSL

But, there are differences between cable and DSL that may affect which of these services you select.

Cable Versus DSL on Bandwidth

Winning the bandwidth or speed battle is usually 'Cable' modem Internet services. Cable download speeds are up to 2 times faster than DSL. But cable services can slow down significantly if many people are accessing the Internet at the same time in the same area. Basically, the same cable line often connects to many households in your neighborhood, so if you and your neighbor are both using the service at once, your speed may suffer and become more sluggish. That's also the reason why cable modem services may not always be as secure as DSL.

Cable Versus DSL on Security

Since cable uses a shared line, anyone in your neighborhood could potentially access the same local area network or LAN that you use, and be able to click on your Windows Network. That means they could see your personal information or even download copies of your data. Make sure to put the proper security measures in place - like a firewall and anti-virus software - no matter which service you decide on.

So, winning the battle over best security, definitely DSL!

Cable Versus DSL on Installation

When it comes to installation, cable has a leg up. All you have to do is call the cable guy and get the new line installed and then you connect the line to your modem. It's as easy as hooking up your VCR to your television.

With DSL you'll need a phone line and it may require you to take multiple steps on your computer after you install the DSL modem that the phone company provides. You may also be required to put filters on all of your additional phone jacks.

Buy Cable or DSL

The last thing to consider is cost. DSL tends to be less expensive than cable. With DSL, look for package deals through your phone company that may also reduce your phone bill. Here's the catch with cable modem services, if you don't subscribe to cable then you may have to pay an additional monthly fee for the service. But cable subscribers should also search for package deals. The champ in the cost arena is DSL.

Again, you can't go wrong with either service, and not all cities or locations offer both so your choice may be limited to one or the other. But, my pick for the overall winner in what is a very close match? CABLE. I'm Brett Larson, About Gadgets.

sumber : http://video.about.com/compnetworking/Cable-Versus-DSL.htm

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