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Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Advantages of fiber optic cabling

Fiber optic cabling solves these problems and offers users:

1. High data rate and wide bandwidth
2. Immunity to EMI/RFI and lightning damage
3. No ground loops
4. Low attenuation (data loss)
5. Longer distance - 2 and 5 km with Multimode fiber or over 25 km with Single Mode fiber
6. Small cable diameter fits anywhere
7. Light weight
8. No sparks if cut
9. No shock hazard
10.Secure communications
11.Low system cost
12.Longer life expectancy than copper or coaxial cable
13.Cabling of the future

Disadvantages of Electronic cabling (Twisted Pair (TP), Coax, Twinax)

In designing local networks with traditional cabling, systems users are faced with several major constraints:

1. Cost
2. Cabling hassles: weight, routing, size, attenuation, and cross-talk
3. Distance between terminals and hosts limited to a few meters
4. Limited topologies
5. Large diameter cable fills plenums and conduits
6. Needs to be routed away from power and control cabling

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